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Claudia (40 mins)  Claudia came into the casting interview with her girlfriend Andi. I could see straight away that they were close and maybe that this would cause problems. The gals said they wanted to work jointly but I had to let 'em know that they would be extremely limited to the amount of work they could get if they didn't do boy/girl scenes. Andi was against the idea of letting a guy touch her love and totatlly flipped out when Claudia was warming to the idea... It got qutie intense and Andi stormed out of the office... Claudia being the older of the two was very interested in getting the well paid jobs so I carried on with just her... This Babe bought my story and that hottie said that that hottie was excited about the idea of having sex with a fellow anew after such a lengthy time. I could tell that hottie was loving it when I thrust my pecker up her. We had excellent sex on the couch and I bolted a bit also early for my liking. Oh well when a muff is that valuable it's hard to control the jizz!
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Claudia (42 mins)  Claudia is a business class darksome brown who'd been suppressing her raunchy urges for too lengthy. That Babe has long tanned legs and a body that just won't quit. Here's how our paths crossed: It was a good day so I went for a walk to watch what I could find, armed with my trusty camera, I went prowling the streets. After a scarcely any rejections I thought it wasn't going to be my day, but then, in my peripheral I caught a glimpse of the sexy Claudia. As in a short time as this honey made slight eye contact I knew it was game on. Automatically, I went into agent mode and did what it took to get her back to my office. I took her to a cafe and we talked about her job, this honey was unhappy with her work, her boss was a real slave driver. This Babe was the consummate candidate for the casting couch. I told her I could change her life if this honey had me as her agent. A pair of days later I got the phone call, I told her to come to my office. That Babe appeared to be impressed with my spiel about working in the fashion industry and photo modelling. This Babe was a bit on the shy side at first, but it didn't take long in advance of I'd  sweet talked her into getting stripped,  I could sense the entire situation was making her wet as an otters pouch. The way that honey was reacting when I was touching her it was very positive. It was as if this honey hadn't been touched in a long during the time that. This Babe has a smile so big it looked like that babe'd slept with a coat hanger in her mouth. I think that honey might have known deep down that I was full of shit but was just going along with it for some excitement. In Any Case, it was a great afternoon, and I know we one as well as the other got smth out of this chance rencounter.
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Andi (36 mins)  I was pleased when Andi had calmed down plus decided to come more to carry out a proper casting cement concerning me. After this babe'd truly thought about my suggest this babe realised lose concentration moneyed might be a good assent to carry out the casting. When lose concentration babe did come more this babe was very apologetic plus told lose concentration the one plus the other her plus Claudia really needed the money.... I wasted no time plus got her to take her clothing off plus I was in a impolite time balls unfathomable medial her... After a dissimulation of violent pumping I was reachable to explode. I came medial her which was a dissimulation silly thinking about moneyed now. Hope my jizz was still problem drinker from the night previous to!!!
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